We at Body Design Massage are passionate about helping others achieve optimal health. Through our education and experience, we believe that posture and alignment, whether sitting, standing, running, or doing any other activity, are the key to creating balance and healing in your life. Through various bodywork modalities including massage and Structural Integration, we are committed to guiding you on your own path to healing.

We are located in American Fork, Utah, across the street from Olive Garden. Our address is

477 W 30 N, American Fork, UT, 84003.


Melinda is a licensed massage therapist and a Structural Integration practitioner. She is passionate about the structure and movement of the human body. She truly loves to work with each person who walks into her studio to help them find healing and optimal health through Structural Integration and massage. She is a firm believer that “movement is life” and “awareness is the healer” and has a desire to help as many people as possible to experience healing through structural bodywork and massage therapy.

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